Firefox 1.5 Memory Leak?

I love Firefox, but I’m not too excited about what appears to be a memory leak in 1.5. I think this was a problem in the 1.0.x versions, but I don’t remember it being this bad. Hopefully it’ll be fixed at some point.

Firefox 1.5 Memory Leak
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4 thoughts on “Firefox 1.5 Memory Leak?

  1. I have this exact same proglem. I have noticed a few things:

    It happens a lot when I am on a ajax heavy site (maybe something related to all the xml pulls?)

    I also get a insane leak when I try to open an pdf with Adobe directly from FF. best is to download to local and open it or use another pdf viewer. I have 2 gig of ram in my sys and I have seen it eat up to 1 and a half gigs before. (including virt mem also)

  2. ah yes… drunk typing.

    I see it a lot with the opening and closing of tabs, which is easily my favorite feature of Firefox.

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